SpaceGodzilla is a giant crystal backed monster from outer space.


 SpaceGodzilla is like Godzilla but with crystals on it's back. He also has the spirit to kidnap Godzilla's son and beats the hell out of Godzilla by using lightning powers like King Ghidorah. These crystals can create force fields to protect himself from enemies.

SpaceGodzilla made a appereance in Monster Island Buddies as Godzilla's half brother. SpaceGodzilla is someawhat bigger than Godzilla when into production.


  • On MIB, when SpaceGodzilla uses his laser, it plays rap up music.
  • SpaceGodzilla appeared in Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla and after that film, SpaceGodzilla was never came back again. They should get SpaceGodzilla back in the 2014 film.
    SpaceGodzilla MIB

    SpaceGodzilla in MIB