Rodan Loves Mothra is the first episode of Monster Island Buddies.


The episode starts with Godzilla and Rodan playing cards then Rodan said that he's gonna ask Mothra out but Godzilla replied to him that Mothra is dating King Ghidorah.

Rodan Loves Mothra photo

 Rodan starts raging until Jet Jaguar shows up to tell them that it's a beautiful day. But Rodan just flies off to where Mothra is. Rodan was about to ask her but then the truth is thatshe really was dating King Ghidorah. Rodan goes on another rage, then flies away. The episode ends with Godzilla choking on Jet Jaguar's muffins he baked.


  • First episode of Season 1.
  •  Has 5 monsters in this episode.

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