Mothra is a divined moth in the Godzilla franchise. Mothra first appeared in her own movie, then the rebirth of mothra trilogy and then the Godzilla series. Mothra attacks Godzilla when disturbed or going about of the egg.

Mothra in the Godzilla franchise

 When Mothra hatches from a egg, she becomes a larvae. Mothra stayed as a larvae in Ghidrah, The 3 Headed Monster and Destroy All Monsters. Mothra also appeared in MIB as Rodan's "girlfriend".
Mothra MIB

Mothra in Monster Island Buddies


  • Mothra has a son named Mothra Leo.
  • Mothra goes inside a cocoon before her final form.
  • Mothra died a lot in movies in the Godzilla franchise.

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