Kaiser Ghidorah is a transformation form of Monster X. Kaiser Ghidorah looks like King Ghidorah but bigger, badder and stronger. This Ghidorah was the CLOSEST to killing Godzilla in Final Wars. Kaiser Ghidorah only made 2 appaerences. 1 was Godzilla Final Wars and Monster Island Buddies.
Kaiser Ghidorah

Kaiser Ghidorah in Final Wars

 Kaiser Ghidorah can also use King Ghidorah's lightning powers. In Monster Island Buddies, Kaiser Ghidorah sounds like Monster X instead of King Ghidorah's voice.
Kaiser Ghidorah MIB

Kaiser Ghidorah in Monster Island Buddies

 This Ghidorah has 4 feet instead of 2 feet.


  • Kaiser Ghidorah can fly but not in Final Wars.
  • In Monster Island Buddies, Kaiser Ghidorah is King Ghidorah's dad.
  • Kaiser Ghidorah is the leader of the LESBIANS.

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