Godzilla P.I. is the 4th episode of season 1 of Monster Island Buddies.


The episode starts with Godzilla talking about when he met Mothra. She says that somebody stole her egg. Godzilla says that trouble sent him a friend request and he accepted. He gavered King Ghidorah, Rodan, Jet Jaguar and Anguirus with trouble pronouncing his name before calling him "The Spiky Guy". He asks Jet Jaguar what he did on the night of the 12th but Jet Jaguar says it is the 12th before Godzilla gets shot. Rodan shouts that it happened but it was a story published by Rodan.


  • This is the only Monster Island Buddies episode to be black and white.
  • This is the first episode to feature first person view.
  • This is the first time Godzilla wears a hat.
  • This episode is a reference to Sherlock Holmes.
  • The only character that didn't talk in the episode was King Ghidorah.

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