Gigan is a robot monster which first appeared in Godzilla vs Gigan. Gigan has hooks for hands and has a buzzaw on it's belly.

Gigan in Final Wars

Gigan was a tough enemy for Godzilla beacuase when he got Godzilla on the shoulder with his buzzaw, he made him bleed from the shoulder. Gigan also made a appearence in Final Wars with hooks and CHAINSAWS for weapons. Gigan made a appearence in Monster Island Buddies as part of the LESBIANS and always switching sides.
Gigan ll

Gigan in Monster Island Buddies


  • Gigan was the first robot Godzilla fought.
  • Gigan can fly when in Mellinium Form.
  • In Monster Island Buddies, Gigan is very horrible and hopeless for the LESBIANS.

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