Ebirah is a lobster who appeared in Godzilla vs The Sea Monster. Ebirah's roar sounds like a girl screaming or somethin'. Godzilla ripped off both his claws off but Ebirah didn't die. He just swam off in disgust.

Ebirah in Godzilla vs The Sea Monster

Ebirah didn't made a appearence in Monster Island Buddies because the creator did not have the Ebirah figure. Godzilla fought Ebirah twice in the movie. Ebriah also appeared in Final Wars with a even better design.
Ebirah ll

Ebirah in Final Wars

 Ebirah gets killed by the humans in Final Wars because he was causing destruction.


  • Ebirah killed Hedorah in Final Wars.
  • Ebirah played Volleyball with a boulder with Godzilla like in Ghidrah, The 3 Headed Monster.
  • He also eats humans as shown in Godzilla vs The Sea Monster.

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