Barugon is a 'right hand' monster in the Gamera series. No one knows if Barugon is a partner to Gamera 'cause Anguirus was a loyalty to Godzilla but Barugon might've been a enemy to Gamera. Barugon can also shoot rainbows from his back. He is also the first monster Gamera ever fought in the entire series.

Barugon in Gamera vs Barugon

 Barugon might have a name that sounds like Baragon in the Godzilla series but has a "u" in it instead of an "i".


  • Barugon ll

    Fan picture of Barugon attacking in the snow.

    Barugon also has a horn of the nose like a narwhal.
  • Barugon might swim like Godzilla.